Thursday, July 28, 2011

Getting The Perfect Abs For Fitness Modeling

Getting into fitness modeling is not a walk in the park. Often, male models look at successful models and think that it's easy getting into the industry. But that is not exactly true. There is a lot of work to do. For instance, you are unlikely to become a successful fitness model if you don't have six-pack abs to show off.

Having visible abs is one of the first requirements to fitness modeling and certainly helps you to take better fitness photos. With more photos and experience, you can build a stronger portfolio, which will lead to even more modeling assignments. So how exactly do you go about acquiring the perfect model abs? Here are some useful tips.

Tip 1: Workout intensely and build up your athletic ability. Forget about those leisure walks in the park! To get a well-defined abs, you need to work-out intensely so that you burn off as much fat as possible. You must also try to build up lean muscle mass at the same time. Having more lean muscle will boost your metabolism and help you maintain a lean muscular physique. Plan your workouts and make sure you stick to the plan! For instance, it's common for fitness models to work out in the gym at least 4 to 5 times per week. That leaves 2 to 3 days for recovery. Each session should last about an hour or so.

Tip 2: Watch your nutrition. This is the second element of your formula for success. Some people think that they can eat whatever they want because they are exercising to burn off fat. That is just not true! You cannot eat just anything and your diet should always compliment your workout! If you eat junk food, your body will soon become weaker and your workouts will become less effective.

Watching your nutrition means you should eat as cleanly as possible. Consume more protein for muscle recovery and to boost muscle growth. Watch every shred of food that you put in your mouth and don't let oily or fatty foods dominate your daily diet. Work off your daily caloric intake and have the discipline to not exceed your daily targeted calories. Watching your diet doesn't mean you should starve yourself. But you should eat good, clean, whole foods so that your body doesn't store fat. In time, your abs will start to become more visible.

Tip 3: Don't forget cardio workouts! Lifting weights in the gym is great, and such exercises will help you build big muscles very quickly. But to get a lean and cut physique, you need to do some cardiovascular exercises as well to help burn off excess fat. Do your cardio workouts right after your resistance training. Spend between 30 to 45 minutes on the treadmill, stair master or elliptical trainer. You can also go outdoors for a good run if you like.

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Your Mother Was Right About Vegetables

Have you been looking after your health? Let us rephrase this question in another way. Have you been looking after your diet? We ask this question because your diet has a lot to do with your health. In fact, it is the most important aspect of a weight loss program.

As we all know, not eating well can lead to a variety of health problems. Obesity has been the cause of heart diseases, stroke and joint problems. If you don't watch what you eat, you may also be malnourished and your bones may become weaker. You may suffer from osteoarthritis prematurely. Your muscles will also weaken due to lack of nutrition. 

On the flip side, if you eat well, you will enjoy more vitality, and you will feel a lot healthier. You will have more energy for social activities, work, and for your family. In other words, you get to enjoy life a lot more when you are healthy. Your quality of life improves tremendously.

Of course, if your career depended on your physical attributes, then you must take extra care to ensure that you remain fit. For instance, let's say you aspire to be a male model. This is an industry that is highly competitive and many male models are lean and have six pack abs to show to their clients. To be successful in the industry, you should try to achieve a similar physique. This is often easier said than done.

Your nutrition plan has to completely change. One way to get lean quick is to adopt a plant based diet. There are many health benefits associated with a plant based diet. Here are some of them.

1) Low or non-fat. Plants mean your foods come from fruits or vegetables. Vegetables are highly recommended because they contain less sugar when compared to fruits. Mostly, they contain almost zero fat, which makes it easier for you to become leaner and healthier.

2) Minerals and nutrients that are not found in meat. Vegetables contain lots of vitamins and minerals that are not usually found abundantly in meat and animal products. The wide variety of vegetables available also means that you get a wider spectrum of vitamin diversity in your diet. 

3) Lower cholesterol level. When you don't eat meat, you don't have to be watching your cholesterol level all the time. When your cholesterol level goes through the roof, you may suffer from heart diseases or stroke. Having a predominantly plant based diet can lower your cholesterol levels dramatically. 

4) Lower calories consumption. Vegetables like broccoli, long beans and celery fill you up so that you don't feel hungry all the time. This leads to lower calorie consumption for the entire day. A few weeks later, you will find that you have lost a lot of weight – most of which is fat. 

5) Rich sources of protein. Plant foods also contain rich sources of protein which are important for muscle growth and recovery. You want your six pack abs to be visible quickly? Then grow your muscles fast by consuming plant based foods that are hyper rich in protein.

Friday, July 1, 2011

Becoming a Male Fitness Model

Fitness models spend their time and effort projecting the positive effects and advantages of being physically fit. They showcase their beautifully sculptured bodies to promote health products and fitness ideas. This can encourage others to live the same healthy lifestyle as they do.

Working out for at least 30 minutes a day would be enough for someone to start a healthy lifestyle. Making time for it won't be too hard. For instance, skipping a television show, waking up a bit earlier than usual, or cutting down break times would allow one to make time for an exercise, despite their busy schedule.

Anyone who has the ability to move his body is also capable of doing exercise, and anyone who can promote the advantages of exercise and physical fitness is suited to become a fitness model. If you positively feel that you've got the potential, here are some guidelines to becoming a fitness model.

1. Forget about the notion that fitness is nothing but having the perfect vital statistics. What most women adore nowadays are those hot male models in the print ads and commercials that have bulky muscles, and six-pack abs . It is fruitless to think that physical appearance is everything that matters to becoming a male fitness model.

A real fitness model gives importance to his overall health and not just his physical appearance. The main priority should be how to maintain his health, rather than how to make himself look masculine and attractive. A fit man doesn't have to have the measurements of a winning athlete or a champion sportsman. He must look the part of a man, exuding health and total fitness.

2. Accept the truth that the foods you choose to eat affect your body. Your body can also show the kind of lifestyle you live, regardless of the genes you inherited. If you're not ready to accept that fact, then you will have difficulties in sustaining a healthy lifestyle, being physically fit, and becoming a fitness model might not be the best thing for you

3. Choose the healthy way of living. Genes may be one of the major factors that affect health, but it does not control the mind. One can choose what to eat and decide what activities to do, so it is the self-discipline that will lead one to become a true fitness model. Without the will and self-discipline, the whole fitness regimen would be a failure.

4. Look at yourself positively and create a confident self-image. To truly become a star fitness model, you have to attract and exude positive vibes in all aspects of your life. No matter how chaotic your environment is or how stressful you work is, you should never let your body or mind suffer. Stop thinking that a muscular body, lighter weight, and bigger biceps will make your life better. A positive and confident self-image will eventually lead to a self-respect that you would project to others. Then they will give their respect and admiration back to you

The bottom line is that, being a professional athletic male fitness model is not only about being well-built, muscular and good-looking. Nor is it about being self-centered and vain. The most important thing is to have a body that is physically defined and healthy, as well as exude the warmth and beauty from within.